Spring Security Tutorial: Form Login

Introduction to the Spring Security Tutorial: Form Login This post is a Spring Security form login tutorial. The post will show you how to configure form based login using the following methods to store credentials: In addition to the topics above, the post will also show you how to: Everything explained in the post can [...]

Jersey Cross-Site Scripting XSS Filter for Java Web Apps

Introduction This post is going to show you how to build a Jersey Cross-Site Scripting XSS filter for Java Web Apps. As we all know, when building a web application of any sort it’s always important to focus on security. Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) is a popular security issue found across many sites. Here is a [...]

How to Asynchronously Load Backbone View Templates

Introduction During the development of our third party widgets we decided to use a templating library like Backbone recommends. A templating library would allow the HTML code to be separated from the JavaScript, maximising re-use and avoiding code cluttered with ugly HTML. Ultimately all the templates would be bundled together and packaged into the compressed, [...]

Quantum Revolution

I came across this video today and it’s quite amazing. I had to share it. The possibilities are infinite and the potential for exponential evolution is at our door step. Some of the things covered in the video include: Space elevators (using carbon nano tube fibers) Teleportation (currently possible with individual particles) Invisibiliy cloaks (already [...]

Rendering Nested Views in Backbone.js

Introduction I’d like to start this post with a disclaimer: this is my first Javascript development so hopefully I won’t say anything silly. If I do, I’d love to here about it in the comments! I’m currently developing a set of third party Javascript widgets and opted for Backbone.js as the main library supported by [...]

Using Java to Create Grayscale Images and Icons

Introduction This article is going to cover how to use Java to create grayscale images from their colour counter-parts. When I started looking into this topic I did a quick Google search and found many different answers using many different libraries with considerably different outputs. So I decided to put together this post describing the [...]